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Russia, Lipetsk, Oktyabrskaya Street, 52

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Business hours:
Monday-Friday: 9.00 - 18.00

About the company

The XXI Century Water Technologies Group has been formed as a result of the consolidation of the several firms working since 2001 - 2004.

The purpose of this union is the transformation to the powerful company, with the developed infrastructure which can offer modern present-day solutions of any degree of complication in the sphere of water preparation and water treatment systems of sewage water, both for the population, and for the enterprises and the organizations. The aim is to become the main company in the regional market and the one of the largest companies of federal level.

At present We can provide the designing, the delivery, the installation and the service of the following kinds of the equipment of the leading world and Russian manufacturers:

  • the installations of the deep water treating on the basis of the reversed osmose, ozonesorption, ultrafiltration and other ways of water purification;
  • the systems of demineralization, deironing and other systems of water transformation;
  • the industrial equipment of the water treatment;
  • sewage treatment systems - from local purpose (for houses and cottages) to treatment facilities for industrial enterprises and settlements;

Water treatment systems
  • for industrial and municipal objects
  • for houses and cottages
  • for apartments and offices
  • pipes, fittings, expansion tanks
Heating systems
  • boilers and water heaters
  • the innovative pedestal heating boards Best Board
  • radiators, heat convectors, fittings
Saunas, pools, fountains
  • infrared saunas and thermal cabins
  • equipment for pools
  • chemicals for pools
Pumps and pumping stations
  • for water-supply
  • for sewage treatment systems
  • automatics and equipment
Sewage treatment systems
  • for settlements and for blocks of houses
  • for enterprises and plants
  • for houses and cottages
Equipment (facilities) for offices, houses and cottages
  • air humidifiers, air treatment systems
  • purifiers and coolers
  • household disposers
  • measuring instruments, biologics, test-systems
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